General Principles 

  • There is appropriate curriculum coverage of the fundamental British Values
  • We recognise that learning takes place when a change in long-term memory takes place. Repetition leads to better quality learning. 
  • We value children as individuals. Through our nurturing approach we really listen to children and care for their whole.
  • Research highlights that learning is a change in long term memory. At Thundersley we give children a curriculum where they are taught knowledge, this is developed progressively and then leads to a deep understanding.
  • Children are taught about the community in which they live and are encouraged to work in co-operation with other members of the school community.  Supporting charities, both local and further afield, is encouraged. 
  • All children are expected to undertake appropriate responsibilities within the class and school, e.g. caring for the classroom environment, participating in class assemblies and participating in out of school activities.
  • We aim to develop children’s enjoyment, confidence and skill in physical activity and introduce them to the pleasures of sport to help develop active children who benefit from a healthy lifestyle.  Through a multi-skills approach, children develop their skills in football, netball, hockey, rounders and cricket, as well as athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming.
  • We enhance and enrich the curriculum through a variety of activities including educational visits, school performances, visitors to school, before & after school clubs and great links with local Secondary Schools.
  • Many topics are brought together, where possible, and taught in a cross-curricular way, to maximise the use of time but also to make experiences more meaningful and provide children with a real context for learning. 
  • Learning is active, hands on, engaging and fun
  • We aim to inspire children to be risk takers, challenge themselves and ask questions
  • We facilitate children to take control of their learning experiences in readiness for their onward journey.
  • We inspire and enable each child to fulfil their potential and contribute positively to shape their own destiny and contribute to a better world.

Growth Mindset

  • At Thundersley Primary we believe that pupils who have a positive attitude towards learning will make good progress and be successful as they progress into adulthood. 
  • The impact of this approach is in the learning attitudes of our pupils to relish challenges, value effort, respond to feedback, embrace mistakes and be inspired by others.
  • At Thundersley, we consistently endeavour to challenge and develop the attitudes of all pupils and staff towards learning.