The Journey of Learning at Thundersley

Our key aim is that when children leave us to move on to Secondary School, they have:
● Confidence in themselves and their attitudes to learning.
● A firm grasp of basic knowledge and skills.
● A recognition that there is life and opportunities beyond Thundersley Primary School.
● The aspiration to aim high and challenge themselves to achieve great things in the future.
● A strong sense of moral purpose, tolerance, and respect for others
Our children aspire to ‘BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE’ in all aspects of our school life. Children know this saying; this extends the attitudes of our growth mind-set and fulfils our aim of personalised learning.
Our Journey of Learning uses steps to become successful adults in terms of being able to gain employment, live healthy lifestyles, be moral citizens and to take opportunities to extend their horizons.
Each curricular subject is designed to provide a rich and varied programme of activities and learning experiences to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of all learners, within and beyond the school day. It embraces the community, local history and geographical features.
Each week there are specific goals, where the taught knowledge/skills are used to deepen understanding and enhance learning. Where possible teachers make cross-curricular links, so that pupils can draw upon knowledge from different subjects and understand how each topic plays a part in everyday life. Each class has a ‘LEARNING JOURNEY’ this highlights the areas of learning and engages children by the use of questions.
Our staff value the different ways in which pupils learn, and plan lessons as part of a topic-themed curriculum to account for these differences. Research highlights that learning is a change in long-term memory. In lessons, we use interleaving, weaving and revisiting to help children learn. All subjects focus on progressive knowledge acquisition through clearly identified content.
Our school excels in PE. We provide an inclusive and rich programme of sport and opportunities for all to be involved in competitions.
We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities for pupils to enhance their learning experience. These activities range from after-school clubs, to educational trips, workshops and guest speakers. Extracurricular activities are designed to inspire, develop creative thinking, form personal connections between pupils and their peers, and teach skills essential for life beyond school.
● We promote and aim for excellence to all pupils in consideration of background, ethnic origin or gender.
● By nurturing the values, confidence and skills of pupils, staff and the community, we create a positive, calm, purposeful school at the heart of our village.
● Our curriculum is unique to Thundersley Primary, in that it is specifically tailored towards the needs of our children, they are at our heart. 
At Thundersley, our strategically planned curriculum is designed to ensure our children are well prepared for success in their own unique future. Our woven curriculum, which revisits concepts to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding, not only starts a journey but also provides the vehicle to ensure our children have a love for a lifelong journey of learning.
Here at Thundersley, not only do we embrace the academic studies building block after block of knowledge, we also highly value skill acquisition so our children are enabled to develop their learning and we pride ourselves in creating growing individuals that show respect for theirs and the achievements of all. We recognise personal achievement encompassing academic, sporting and life skills in order to foster well rounded individuals as they continue their life journey.
As we welcome all children, we nurture their individuality and teach them knowledge and skills they need to embark upon a unique lifelong journey. We recognise the needs for a whole person to grow.
We teach through our themed curriculum using exciting projects to engage learning.
● Our curriculum is ambitious, broad and well balanced. We generally follow the National Curriculum and plan a clear learning sequence, to ensure new knowledge and skills are progressive.
● Ongoing assessment keeps the learning on track. Tests, quizzes, linking learning and progress to the knowledge organisers and ownership of progress by all stakeholders.
● High regard is placed upon the value of the ability to read fluently with good comprehension. Opportunities for reading are widely utilised and the love of reading encouraged with rewards and incentives.
● Questions to probe, develop thinking and actively challenge are used continuously.
● Enrichment - our curriculum is stimulated by visits, visitors and a range of events.
● Learning is inspired by practical activities to engage young minds where possible.
● Working Walls and Learning Journey displays are used to promote deep learning.
● Pupil talk strengthens lessons and enables teachers to help children develop vocabulary and language.
● Our mastery approach provides opportunities for children to apply their skills across the curriculum and ensures pupils have the cultural capital required to be successful citizens.
● We identify Quality First Teaching as the biggest key to success.
● By emphasising knowledge and vocabulary through our progressive blocks, long term memory grows.
● Connecting learning by revisiting, building upon prior learning and the use of practical creative activities.
● We know that if nothing is altered in long-term memory then nothing has been learnt.
● Themes are premised by a question to hook/engage the learners in.
● Knowledge and vocabulary are both revisited regularly.
● We teach positive attitudes and a growth ‘can do’ approach. 
Evidence of learning in children’s books is of a high standard and progress is generally rapid and seldom slow.
● Pupils are enthused and enjoy their learning by the knowledge they gain.
● Children often choose to complete further work at home, linked to their theme in class. They are motivated by things that happen at school e.g. raising money for charities selected by the School Council representatives.
● Pupils enjoy reading and most demonstrate a high level of fluency.
● Pupils transfer their knowledge and skills well across the curriculum.
● Pupils with SEND achieve well against their individual targets.
● Feedback from our Secondary Schools confirms that our children join them well prepared for their next steps in their learning journey.
● Wide school experiences, activities and opportunities beyond the standard curriculum.
● Children using and understanding a wide, broad range of vocabulary.
● Our children are well prepared for being successful people in our wider world, demonstrating their strong set of values and their love of learning for life.

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